Stream Admin Settings disappear

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Hi, I am listed as Stream admin by our tenant admin and was able to access the admin settings in Stream until this morning. Our tenant admin has tried to remove and re-add me as Stream Admin but I am still unable to access Admin Settings in Stream. Any troubleshoot tips to resolve this issue ? We have E3 plan. Thanks



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I just opened up a ticket to have our on-call engineers investigate. I'm hearing this from a few customers at this point.


Do you have any screen shots you can share and your ? > About Microsoft Stream info (session ID, DC)?

We've just experienced this problem as well.  Full Global admins still have the power, but stream-only admins no longer have the permission.

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Thank you for reporting this.

We've been able to identify the issue and are working to fix it. Our target is to have a hotfix out by end of day today which puts everything back working.


Updates on this issue will be posted here:


For more information on how we message on service updates you can read this help doc:

Stream Admin Settings are back.  


The hotfix for this went out to all data centers last night around 7pm PST. This should be fixed now. Sorry for the interruption.