Steam - "Restrict Companywide channel creation" disabling capability to create any Stream channel


Restricting users to create company-wide (tenant-wide) channels is also restricting users to create or search any Stream channel.


By default, users are allowed to create Companywide channels and Group channels. However, once users are restricted to create Companywide channels, they also cannot create group channels. Users also don't see Channel option under Create menu. 




So .. no channel option .. At least user should be able to create and search group channels after restricting users to create companywide channels. 


No-Channel menu.PNG


This is possibly a bug. 




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best response confirmed by Marc Mroz (Microsoft)

Users who can't create company wide channels can still navigate to the group they want to create the channel in, and click the "Create channel" button on the group page, which will make a channel in that specific group.


The issue you listed is a new bug, which just got fixed a few days back. It will take a few weeks to make it to production but we are putting it back to how it was before that you can see the "Create channel" from the top menu item, but users will only be able to make Group channels. 

Thanks Marc. Logically, it shouldn't remove the "create channel" option from the menu.  Yes, user can still create channels via Groups page but it might need so direction to users. 




Yes, I agree. We also do want it in the Create menu. It was there originally but a few months back we introduced a bug that took it away. We did a fix to put it back in the create menu a week ago. It should be rolling out to your tenants in production in a few weeks.

Hi @Marc Mroz can you please change the error message that appears when somebody hits create channel without selecting a group in case company-wide channels are disabled? The current message "The authenticated user is not authorized to access this resource." is creating a lot of confusion among users who are creating tickets for our support team. We already submitted this proposal in the User Voice - - and then noticed this bug which we actually thought was a deliberate design change to address this issue.

@Igor Sila - I just filed a bug on our side to address this issue with the bad error message. I think the right fix is that we shouldn't let the user click the "create" button on the bottom of the form until a group is filled out. 


I'm seeing if this can be fixed in the next couple of sprints if possible.

Hi @Marc Mroz - thanks and I agree people shouldn't create a Channel if they don't select a group. It's the error message that should state something different in this case, e.g. "Please select a group...".