Staff not seeing videos in My Content - Permissons

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In lieu of a fix for an uploading issue from Teams to Stream (meeting recordings) I have been re-uploading videos recorded onto Microsoft Stream and setting permissions.


I uploaded a class video for the first time and assigned permissions to the teacher and a member of the class who was at home; the teacher was Owner and the student without owner permissions. However the teacher cannot see the video and I cannot select Display on the permissions.


Does selecting someone as a Owner not add it to their My Content list? If not, is the only way I can have them see it is to forward on a Shared link to them?

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@Christir86  Yes, only the uploader who is the first owner sees the video under "My content / videos". To your second question see "Any person or group added will automatically be granted view permission to your video." The checkbox is not required to set and so it is not displayed. The user (and the teacher) can see the video under "Browse / videos". Maybe he has to do sorting by "Publish date" or to search for the name.

Or you assign the video to a channel and both can use the channel to see the videos. Could be a global channel or a channel for the teacher or the class inside a created group.