Splicing video on Streams

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Hello, I see that I can edit a Microsoft Video in Teams to shorten a video, but can I edit to cut out a middle part of a recorded Teams meeting? 


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Hi @Tdowd530, although you can trim the beginning or end of a video, we don't have that capability yet to cut from the middle yet.  Feel free to upvote this idea to help us understand how many customers are interested in this? 

Hi @garrettbronner , I was in the understanding that I could edit the video and cut out pieces in the middle (where the wifi did strange etc), so I would love that option. Now I only have 10 seconds left of our meeting of 47 minutes.... Is there a way to get that back?

@garrettbronner I would love to see this happen. One of my students accidently turned her camera on for a second while sitting in a towel. I don't want to lose the whole video of my lesson but certainly need to crop those 3 seconds

It is important to be able to delete parts of the videos in the middle, end, or beginning. That is one thing that I like about Screencastify.  Why is this important? I will give you an example, let  say that I cough, or my kid comes in and starts talking to me, etc. then I just keep recording and continue. Then at the end I know I need to delete that part. Otherwise if I cough or something happens in the middle with STREAM I would need to restart the recording. This causes alot of lost time. Also, why are we limited to 15 minute recording? @kleonard 

15 minute limit? I have several hour long recordings on a regular basis. If a student comes in and you want that convo private, I'd just hit mute.