Something is wrong with this video Please try again or contact support

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We are receiving this generic error message while trying to upload an ordinary mp4 file. 

Something is wrong with this video

It's not helping us solve the problem of why we cannot upload our video. I need better information in order to troubleshoot this issue. What are the reasons we might get this error? 

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Well, a .mp4 video should be uploaded with no problems....which is the size of the video? By the way, I think it's also worth to open a support ticket

Update: We recorded the video again and uploaded the new video to Stream successfully. 

The original mp4 that gave us the error was around 2MB. I'm not sure why Stream had an issue with it. A few of us tried uploading it separately, and we only got that vague error messages. I hope Microsoft can give Stream more detailed error messages in future.