So many clicks to set permissions... there must be a better way

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I have the tedious task of uploading my grade-level team lesson videos (a couple each school day) and then adding permissions to each video for every teachers multiple class Teams so all teachers can share the videos with their students. Other teachers in the district would love to use these videos, but I told them I just don't have time to add more permissions to each video!


Not only to do I need to I have to start typing the team names for them to  pop up, but then I pick one Team to add it and the selection window immediately closes.  Again I have to start typing the next Team name in so I can click on it... just so tedious and occasionally the teams won't populate in the selection window or the selection window closes before I have clicked on the next team. Ugh, there just must be a more efficient way to select multiple Teams that need permissions for our videos.  I am facing death by a thousand clicks here!

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