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We're just getting started using Stream to host videos. I've been tasked to integrate Stream with our existing SharePoint 2013 infrastructure. Is there a way to allow the SharePoint crawler to index the Stream site? I've gotten the crawler configured with an account that has access to the site, however it seems to never get past the welcome/login page to gather information. I'd rather avoid having to imbed each hosted video in a seperate sharepoint page if we can avoid it.


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@Scotty182002 - we are going to open up APIs for Stream at a future time but unfortunately, this capability is not available right now.


Once the APIs are available, you could call the /Search endpoint in the API to get hits for search results. Indexing results in another search index has problems since Stream trims the search results based on user context. As a result, each user can only see videos they have access to. If you do index in other search solutions, you are likely to loose this capability.


I am happy to discuss in more details.