Shared Stream video to Class Notebook (in Microsoft Teams Application on PC)

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Hello everyone, I have pasted url from stream in Class Notebook and enter.
Then the video come but inform "To see this content, sign in" and "New to Microsoft Stream? sign up"
If I click on sign in it will inform that 

This page is not available.
Please check the web address and try again.
If I click on sign up, it will going to microsoft stream home page and then I click sign in (I already logged in) it will going to my 365 stream page
If I open Teams in webbrowser like microsoft egde(new) or google chrome and go to class notebook tab it will able to play




Did anyone have the solution? it maybe very useful if anything can do in Microsoft Teams App.

Thank you.

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@Thanapong_kWhen you open Microsoft Teams in browser it works - you can view the Microsoft Stream video directly. In the Teams desktop Client it does not work. In my OneNote App I had to click once on the video.

In the apps where it is not possible, your authentication token is not forwarded to Microsoft Stream. Microsoft is working on it as far as I know, so that you can access the video directly.

@Tomislav Karafilov Hi, any news regarding this issue? It still persists.