Shared presentations not showing in recordings

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We have been having lot of TEAMS meetings where content is shared.  These meetings are typically recorded for viewing by those that were unable to attend.   In come cases, the shared presentation is not being captured and instead just the boxes representing participants are displaying.


We did some testing prior to one of the presenters with which this issue occurred and had a successful test, then when he conducted the meeting, we received the same result as before with the presentation not being in the recorded meeting.


Has anyone ever encountered this?  Or are we missing something in settings?


any help would be appreciated since this is part of a large project and given the current 'stay at home' requirements, we will be doing many more of these.

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Hi @Peter_Stockemer, Teams is aware of this and they are working on it!  I apologize for the inconvenience.

@Peter_StockemerYes I just now had this happen - for my 1h 47m Teams meeting, with Stream recording just after start until right before end.

You have Microsoft Teams Version (64-bit). It was last updated on 3/10/20.

I joined the meeting 5 minutes early, one participant was already there.

Just after the meeting start time I made sure to remember to start the recording, then one of the participants shared his screen for the whole session.

We overran the scheduled meeting end by 17 minutes. We all closed our lines.


Once Streams posted the completed recording, I played it back, it had great audio but no shared video, only the participants screen. Very disappointing! We very much valued the video content, the recording is hardly useful now.


Hi @DaveBeauley I apologize for the inconvenience, we are working on this and Teams is tracking this issue with more info at  

This happened to us this morning. Teams Live event went fine - with video working fine. Launched PowerPoint in the pre-window and sent live. Attendees could not see the slides and they did not record - even though we could see them moving in the window. Any clues here? The slide section of the meeting was not recorded - but the full video feed was.