Share video with Office 365 group

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When I choose the option to share a video with select users, I am not able to enter an Office 365 group.


I see in the documentation that videos can be shared with AD security groups. Is there no way to share a Stream video with an Office 365 group?

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Hi @peterhorst. Currently, Stream supports AD security groups as you pointed out. Please feel free to add this to our ideas section to track more closely and do stay tuned for some of these great capabilities coming soon.

Thank you. I will be sure to suggest adding the capability to share with Office 365 groups.

The above was an older post we migrated into the new Stream community, but wanted to give an update on O365 Groups support as of Stream GA (6/20/17).


You can now permission and organize your videos in Stream with O365 Groups. See these help article for more information...