Share Stream Channel Externally via SharePoint site?

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Hello all,


I know that as of 9/2020 we are able to share individual videos externally, which is great! However, I was wondering if it's possible to embed a channel into a SharePoint site? We have a virtual preschool site that we have invited parents to join, and it'd be wonderful if we could just embed/share the channel with them that way. It would spare the the hassle of embedding new videos every week (or however often they add videos, it varies).


Thanks in advance!

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@susannataylor Stream (classic) doesn't support external sharing at all. But "the new Stream" is going to be based on just storing your videos in OneDrive for Business (ODB) or SharePoint Online (SPO).


So for this use case you'd need to store your videos in your SharePoint site directly that's shared externally. You could use the "Highlighted content" webpart and have it just show files (videos) in a specific document library or folder. As people upload new videos to the folder it'll jus show those new videos in the highlighted content webpart on the SPO page.  

@Marc Mroz 


I am struggling with talk of this update. Can you be more explicit. I am a big user and have confidential information linked to groups and in channels in stream. The permissions for the MS group are not applying to the content, despite following all the documentation. Guests members of the team can't view anything...despite this being a Team owned channel and MS Group owned content hosted in Stream. Now, I hear rumors that I will loose groups (Stream is deprecating groups?!?!!). Due to slow upload times to get content in there across accounts and time training people to insure data security in there..what is the plan for all the content be collectively spent a year creating? I am using the Stream web part in SP now...Can you paint or point me to more info? I don't know what to do work wise and am loosing a lot of trust. It took me a long time and strain with staff the last few months in Stream what is being called "classic" now....

@Marc Mroz Thank you so much for the clarification. I understand why I was getting confused!

@Marc Mroz is there a way to embed those videos onto the site directly?