Set Default Language for all users

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How can we set the default language for video transcripts for all users?


We want to provide the ability for people to record meetings in Teams and get a transcript with the least amount of effort. Currently, each user needs to set the default language in Stream so that they can get a transcript made for their recorded meeting. This is far from optimal

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@Dean Gross Just piping in here to "second your emotion". Totally agree and I got to you post because I was looking for a global setting of some kind where I could minimally make my own videos default to English for the language (still looking for that).


But most ideal would be a setting somewhere in our company account where it could be set for all Teams videos so I don't have to train everyone to set it and then remind them where to do the thing I trained them on.

PS: Also need the ability to select and mass-update several videos' language setting at a time (and other functions, like deleting more than one video at a time, for example). Can't figure out how to do that in current UI.

@Dean Gross Did anybody come up with an answer to this? The default process is far from ideal