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Could we create a separate set of modules/parts in the same session and the user can accordingly select and watch the only module which is relevant to him in the entire session. Like an interactivity part where we can add a number of quiz/forms, similarly if we can create modules and if user only wants to see the conclusion module then he can accordingly select that module and watch instead of watching the entire video

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@Pooja_Sugandha Stream is for storing and streaming video. Such a business logic you descibe could be done with a PowerApps easily or with Forms and SharePoint and some logic more complicated.


You can build the quiz in a PowerApp and add the Stream video via the Stream control into your screens. Storage of results in a SharePoint List or in Microsoft Lists (or in CDS).


I think I should do a blog post or a video of how to do this! Thank you very much for your inspiring question.

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Thanks for your quick response! Is it possible for you to make a video on all 3 questions I asked - first was with respect to Quiz that questions cannot be skipped until the user has passed the test, it would be great if you will how that in a video
also, this modules thing and last with respect to editing part. Thank you!