See who viewed my video in Microsoft Stream.


I have uploaded a video to MS Stream.

Currently I can see the number of people who viewed the video. But I want to know if there is a way to know who all exactly viewed the video.

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Admins have access to auditing which includes some information on video views by user:


You can upvote this product improvement here:


Also, improved analytics is on the roadmap but not anytime soon.




Hope that helps!

@Cian Allner 

This is a good answer but it's a very ridiculous and cumbersome way to access that data not to mention that content editors/contributors might not have access to that feature.

@John Stewart I agree this is a much needed feature, but I think it’s likely there are probably bigger priorities, like Office 365 Video migration at the moment. Hopefully we’ll get some roadmap updates later in the year.

@Cian Allner Any news in regards to Rick's request. My upper management is really keen to see who is watching their video messages

@Alvaro5 Settings Cog -> Admin Settings -> Data Privacy -> Manage User Data


As of yesterday, that function worked great for seeing the video that was watched and by who.  But I just ran that report again and now Im getting an error in the Description field and the Title field is now populated with alpha-numeric characters as apposed to the title of the video.  Yet when I click on it, it takes me to the video.


Curious if anyone else is noticing this in the report.

@Chris_McGuinn, could you elaborate how that report helps to identify individuals viewed any specific video? I've just generated one, and I don't see there any data relevant to the topic.

Well it doesn't at the moment lol Still shows up with errors. I've just been using the audit logs in the Security & Compliance Center until they fix it, if they ever fix it. Seems like they are avoiding my post asking about it.