Resolution Other Than 360p?

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I've upload a few test videos but they look awful because the only supported playback appears to be 360p. The "demo" videos from Microsoft allow a range of resolutions so I'm wondering if I'm doing something wrong or if it's just locked to 360p during the Preview. The videos that I upload look fine in other viewers (locally, Wistia, etc.) but look horrible here. 

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@brianpetersen Microsoft Stream, optimizes for fast playback. Shortly, you will see other resolutions show up too. Also, it is smart, if your input video wasn't high quality we would not go higher than input video quality.


Hope this helps!

@vishal You're spot on. I came back a few minutes later and all of the resolutions were available. Thanks again for the quick response, I'm looking forward to using this new product!!

When  first loaded the video, I was frustrated to see that it was only playable in 360p (the video looked terrible) ... but coming back +8 hours later, high definition was available... I'm happy!


Too bad the resolution selector doesn't offer some indication that it is "working on higher resolutions" or something to indicate that there WILL be a higher resolution coming soon.

Glad you figured it out. We did this so that we can get quick turn around from upload to playback. But it is confusing at first. Could you add an idea in the idea forum to make sure we capture how often this is an issue for people: