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Do you have on the roadmap for Stream, the ability to run reporting on statistics etc. ie. on video view numbers, which users who are viewing the videos, how long they are watching for etc etc ?  This functionality would be really useful to help our business drive adoption and manage usage.

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Yes, Stream has been GA for a long time but still can't find any statistics or audit reports on it. It only has the no. of view, but don't know who view the video. We need more..e.g. who follow the stream channel, who view or like the video, no. of channels created by weekly, monthly etc..

That's correct and be sure the team is aware that Stream needs to be improved in those and other features

Any indication on timing for reporting improvements?  with the migration from Office Mix etc the main need is reporting especially when trying to establish Stream as the heart of Readiness library for large Enterprise

We are doing development now to send actions taken on content in Stream (create, view, edit, delete) to the O365 audit log and reporting tools. When this work finishes in the next few months or so, a user who is licensed for the O365 information protection tools will be able to search and see audit events for Stream from the search and compliance center.


We also have on the roadmap to do basic video statistics so you can see a trend of views/unique users and a drop off chart around which part of the video was watched. I'm hoping in the next few quarters we'll come free to work on this one.


We also know we need to do deeper stats and reports for the content owners, something similar to what Office Mix does. We have this on the backlog/roadmap but we don't have a specific time yet. I'm hoping we get to a deeper level of stats in 2018.

We need the ability to know if someone viewed a mandatory training video.  Is there any update on a time frame for statistics? Thanks

Would also love to have statistics for Stream. Any update on this development? We currently have to put any videos we need to "measure" in a Learning Management system. However an experience like MS Stream is so much more desirable, and easier for our users to consume. I have Stream Channels on all our newly-launching intranet sites, but there is no way to measure who watched, how long they stayed in a video, etc. 

Marc, Do you have a timeline for reporting? We're so excited to have the reporting on Stream. Thank you for a great tool.

Our engineering team is coming up for air in the coming months as we are finishing up live events that was launched in preview last week. We do have basic analytics on videos project high on our backlog, but I can't give any specific timeline, but my hope is we start in earnest on it in the coming months.


We did as part of live events in Stream add the ability for 3rd party solutions Hive, Kollective, and Ramp to be integrated into Stream for eCDN / SDN and stats. Hive and Kollective both have analytics / stats capabilities if you wanted to look into their solutions.


This help article is more focused on the eCDN - video delivery aspects, but Hive and Kollective both do have analytics capabilities if you check out their websites:

Hi @Marc Mroz : 


This last update was back form August. Would you guys have any updates on this one? It is a blocker for my org, due to the need to understand content consumption patterns (need to make sure people watch all the video , not only the start and went for coffee :)) 


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we are also very interested in an update....

@James Fillmore 

Any update on this gratefully received

@Marc Mroz can we please get an update on the analytics for Stream?

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I would also like to add my voice to Microsoft Stream reporting improvements. 


A good way to allow for communication to be interrogated against active employees and measure engagement. The ability to assign videos against active employees on O365 for viewing would also be a great addition and will spread the functionality of stream much wider.


Hope to see some updates relating.


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@Marc Mroz I also want to add to this request to have information about who sees the videos, how many times they see it,  etc ... what's new with this project?



Is there a way to generate a report just listing videos added to Stream during a specific time frame? I prefer not to have to manually count the number of videos and views.


Thank you for any help! 

We're still waiting on any sort of a response for whether or not this is going to be something introduced in the near future.


Your customers are still asking for it. 

@Casey_Lovell @Jez Rice - The project we are working on right now ( will add video level analytics to give an owner of a video information about that one specific video things like: trend of views/users over time and which part of the video watched.


This project is laying the ground work for an analytics service for Stream that in future projects we can build off of adding aggregations across the tenant, group, channel, etc. 


Since Stream doesn't have analytics today other options include:

- Harvest the O365 Audit log events from Stream to build your own report:


- Investigate purchasing an eCDN solution from Hive or Kollective. Both vendors have deep analytics solutions for Stream in addition to the eCDN capabilities they offer:

@Marc Mroz, look forward to Q3 CY2020 for this.