Replacing a video breaks when interruption happens.

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So I was trying to replace a video with an updated version, when the IE browser window blinks out after a minute of uploading. Now my video won't play, won't let me replace it, the only option is delete, which is unacceptable. How can I reset the status of this video so I can replace it?!

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Ok, seems like you need to wait 24 hours or so and it will reset it self. 

@MattWorley  We had a live town hall event and now want to replace the live broadcast with a slightly edited version for the on-demand video. Our video team started replacing it, but it was going to take a while so he left it be overnight. It ended up failing and now it seems that it's 'stuck' in the replacement step even though it says it failed. Do you think this will resolve itself after 24 hours?

@Kate Bowling Yeah 24 hours should do it.