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I recorded a meeting yesterday the same as I always do approximately every couple weeks but this recording still hasn't been emailed to me.  I do not see it listed in my videos either.  I chose to start the recording and stopped it at the end of the meeting.  It usually appears the same day.  How can I locate this recording?  Thanks, Sherry

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It sounds as if you're used to use Stream for managing your recordings. A couple of days ago the auto-transition for all customers started to OneDrive/SharePoint for meeting recording storage. Still, the video link is always posted to the chat (personal meetings) or the channel conversation (for channel meetings). So start looking in your chats for the link. If you can't seem to find it reach out to your IT admin as there are some nice diagnostics tools searching for recordings. If that also fails they can create a ticket with Microsoft support.
Great, thanks I located it! I wasn't aware of this change. Sherry