recording video on teams limited permissions


hello guys ,

in my organization when people record meetings in MS Teams , the recordings is automatically uploaded to streams. 

now the thing is that some people's recording permissions are being Limited with the yellow icon and some other are being Company with the green icon.

how can i fix that ? what is happening ?

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@robert_robert The person who initiated recording of the meeting should be the owner of the video. That person can give access to others by going to their videos (my content>videos), clicking the edit (pencil symbol) next to the video, and changing the permission for the video. They can search for a group to give members of that group access.


We record safety presentations in Teams and have to do this each time before the video is visible to everyone in our Safety channel, even if they can see it in Teams in the meeting thread.

How can you give some users permissions to stream and watch the video but not download it?

So you mean, by default all videoa get the limited permission and users have to change it to company permission?

Sorry Im not sure I understand your reply.  More explicitly what I have done is to create a team with people from the organization.  Then schedule and record a live meeting and the video gets saved to Stream.  Those members of the organization have access to stream the video, but not be able to download the mp4 file to their own device.  Thanks.

Ok let me try to explain myself better... I don't have a problem with users downloading the video or not... People in Teams can successfully record meetings. After the video is recorded the video is uploaded automatically to streams. Now comes the issues. When some people record the meetings, after the recording is finished, i go to Stream and find the recorded video with Limited permission some others recording are uploaded with Company permission
I don't understand how is this happening

@robert_robert I'm not sure why permissions of a video would vary based on who recorded it. Maybe a difference between someone who is an owner of a Team vs. a member? In my experience, the permissions are consistent.


I see the setting that changes limited vs. all-company. I attached a screenshot. The owner of the video can change this setting to make it available to everyone, but not sure how to make that happen automatically.


I tried to do a test just now, but I have not been able to upload anything to Stream since last week. Any recorded meeting in Teams give an error message that it failed to upload to Stream.

Yea well... I'll make more tests tomorrow.. I see you changed the settings? Or is it like that automatically?

@nmstough I believe that only owners of a video can download it. Others can watch the video, if you give them permission to do so, but not download it. You would have to make someone an owner of the video to give them download access.

OK, thanks.  Thats very clear then.  I cannot test this of course because I am the owner of the video and have no way to portray others access.  

@robert_robert That's from a video that I uploaded manually (it wasn't recorded in Teams). I think that I had to specifically check that box.

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@Benzini  i found it ... turned out ... when meetings are finished ... some people are clicking on the share button thus when you click the share button the video becomes available to Company

Hi, what would happen if the owner of the video stops working for the company and someone else needs to request permissions to watch the recording? Who would handle this type of requests?
The administrator can always go in and change the permissions on a video.