Recorded video is unable to acess form mobile devices

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I am unable to access recorded video in our teams meeting form my mobile devices. please suggest solution.


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@mansunkc Can you provide a little bit more details please? You try to access the video from iOS or Android? In a Browser or an App? Is the video saved in Stream or do you try for a Teams meeting video not stored in Stream? Do you get an error message? Or can't you see the video somewhere?

@Tomislav KarafilovI tried to access the recorded video in teams meeting from my android device. It was actually not saved in stream. I use my teams app for these purpose. I haven't  received any error message regarding  this but the thing is that the particular video is easily accessible form my desktop application.

@mansunkc Started a channel meeting, recorded a few seconds, stopped it, and after a few minutes I could access the recording in the mobile Teams app on Android.



Pressing the play icon in the middle shows the video that is stored in Stream.


The question is now, why is your recording not stored in Stream? Maybe you have an school account with an A1 license?

I have the same problem... did you resolve this issue ?@mansunkc 

I have the same problem... did you resolve this issue?  @mansunkc 

Same problem here on IPhone. Recorded meeting plays perfectly fine on desktop app. . Playback error on mobile app. It says it wasn’t downloaded to stream . Don’t think our videos
save to stream any longer anyway!. They don’t get saved anywhere ( I’ve checked share point and one drive ) only in the general post chat for a period of 21 days . School account . Annoying as many of my students use their mobile phones to access Teams .