Recorded a meeting - playback has no sound

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Hello there -


I recorded a Teams Meeting today wearing my Teams Certified Earbuds from Jabra.  When I played back, there is no sound.  I'm thinking that Teams does not recognize external audio devices for recordings?  I was talking just fine in the meeting and people heard me.  I avoid my laptop audio because I get complaints of echos.  


Any advise or experience in this area would be appreciated.  I'm thinking I just need to use the laptop audio going forward...but was hoping not to.


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Toss the Apple stuff........seriously.

@mclemmons I had the problem, read the thread of replies, changed my audio output to a Bluetooth device instead of the Realtek internal speakers, and now I am able to hear the audio. Hope this helps.

Tim Glennon 

I have the same problem. Mine was a Teams meetings. I could hear only myself at the end of the recording. Please any ideal on how to recover the Audio. Could not hear the others.

Hi Christy I have no idea why but I was able to hear the audio as long as I had the laptop hooked up to Bluetooth speakers -- I was then able to hear the audio on the recording -- just be aware that I had difficulty then hearing again on the laptop using its own speakers in other meetings -- so to switch back and forth is a pain, often involves me rebooting to be able to use the laptop speakers again, but at least I was able to figure it out --

 bottom line, if your laptop speakers arent working for some reason, try opening up your Bluetooth and using Bluetooth speakers (make sure they're not already connected to another device like your phone -- if they are, you have to disconnect the other devices from the Bluetooth speaker first for your laptop bo be able to use it.  Hope this helps, HAPPY NEW YEAR from NYC! @Christy1895 

Thank you I will try this
Please how do I do this? I tried what is written here. Still no sound from others
I tried to play the recording from a desktop flash. Still no sound. Because I used my Bluetooth earphone, no sound.... still

To have a sound in the records of MS Teams meetings make sure you have the same Output and Input device in Windows Settings->Sound and in MS Teams Settings->Devices like on a picture below.

13-01-2023 13.49.24.png


You can test it via recording a Teams test call. If there is a sound on a record it should be fine with the real meeting as well.


In my case there are 2 options as an Output for my Jabra Wireless headphones, and only choosing the same in Windows and MS Teams gave the positive result.