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Hi community

yesterday I had a super important meeting and recorded (started record and stoped record). It was a 1h meeting, the team saw the red button showing the recording etc BUT still no file yet shown for this record.

I tried to search in the stream app in Microsoft teams but NOTHING...

please help me to find it back

hope the record is not lost

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Hi @clem89 - have you found the recording today? If not, please open a ticket with Microsoft support via the Microsoft 365 admin portal.





I am having the same problem. I had about an hour long meeting, and no recording is showing up in my Stream today or yesterday after the meeting. I am unable to find the admin portal to submit a ticket.

Thank you!

@dmedina3 - Just to narrow things down a bit, have you previously been successful in creating Teams meeting recordings that you then found in Stream under My content > Meetings?

@clem89 I had the same problem with a 1 hr, 13 min presentation meeting yesterday! There is no clue as to why the recording is not seen anywhere in the Microsoft Stream or group although it was recording. The recordings of the earlier two meetings of the day are available though. And to think that I bought MS Teams only few days back for meeting and its recordings! 


I need to know how to raise a ticket.