Re-assigning video to another group and channel results in error

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I am attempting to re-assign a video from one private group (C) of which I am owner, to another private group (A) of which I am owner. Group C's membership is a subset of Group A so all members of C can contribute to A.


The selection of the new group and channel within that group results in an error message upon selecting 'apply':


"Metadata save failed. Private video can not be associated with Group without assigning a role to the group."


It accepts the co-assignment of the video to Group A if I do not select a channel in that group, but the video does not appear in Group A's library.


I need Group A to see the video produced by Group C. Please advise.

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Ok all, I found a solution to avoid the error. To move a video from one private group and channel to another private group and channel you first must be an owner. Then remove it from all assignments to channels/groups. Apply the settings then go to your videos and search for it by title. Then edit it to assign to the new group and channel. Essentially you cannot do it in one step; remove it first then put in in another group as a separate step.


Hope this helps others.