"This video is not ready, please try again" error when playing the recording

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We recorded a session but we are not able to get the recording for that session.

We are getting this message as shown below.

"This video is not ready, please try again"

Please assist as we need the video as its very critical for us that we worked on.

When we go to the Teams meeting page in Teams app, it shows that the recording has been published, however we are not able to access the recording.


Client Session ID 74345b20-e698-4e56-b7ee-7efff57c4782

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Hi ,


Can you please look into this. We are still not able to playback the recordings.




This would be best dealt with via a service request, as you will be able to get specific support for this issue if you haven't already done this:  



@Pradeep_Karthik If you're still experiencing this issue, you can download the video locally. Click on the link to open to in Microsoft Stream. Click on the three-dot menu to download the video. It will play on your computer, just not online on Stream. The video may or may not be processed in Stream. It doesn't matter. You can watch it offline. To share it, upload to Stream as a new file. Depending on your luck, it will be processed soon. Sometimes it can take up to 48 hrs for it to be processed, from my personal experience. 

Hope this helps whoever is reading this.



We are seeing issues with Teams recorded videos not playing - force closing the media player from Task Manager before re-launching the recording will fix the issue.

When we received the playback error with Media Player we tried playing the video in the Photos app and it played just fine, so seems to be related to Media Player rather than the video file.