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Hi all

I loved the old Mix.  Recently,  I migrated my videos to Stream.  Now, my quizzes are not working the way they should.  These are the quizzes made in Power Point with the quiz app.


In Stream, they are running like a video - no chance for anyone watching to actually "take" the quiz.


Please advise.

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This will be improved in the future with upcoming new features, per here:


When will Microsoft Stream support interactive quizzes and analytics?


We are working to bring interactivity to the Microsoft Stream video player so you can build, upload, play back, and share more Mix-like content on Microsoft Stream (that includes quizzes, ability to jump to different parts of the presentation, and more). Over time, we'll enhance the analytics capabilities for videos on Microsoft Stream. For more information about the current capabilities of Microsoft Stream, please click here.

We need to know when Microsoft Stream support interactive quizzes and analytics.  We are preparing our 2018 Fall courses.


Do you have any idea when?