Profile setting to prevent autoplay on page load


Greetings team!


Is there a setting or flag somewhere that I can use to indicate that video's should or should not automatically play when a Stream video page loads for a user?  This is for the Stream site itself, not a tailored embedded link.


When I'm working on video's and changing settings or trimming, etc, I don't want the video to play automatically each time I go to the page or save a setting, or even when I just go the video page directly.   Super annoying, especially when I have something else running on the side.   I prefer that the video play when I click play, and not just when the page loads.  


The Feature Flags blade has a ton of flags, but none of them clearly deal with autoplay.  Is it one of those or would we need to add that?




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@Bill_Eger  Currently no flag available! I would like to have it too! If you like submit this feature request to

@Tomislav Karafilov Good suggestion, I'll do that!  Thanks.  - Bill

@Bill_Eger  Wonderful! One upvote from me!