Problems with Autogenerating Captions


In my videos uploaded to Stream, I'm having trouble with the "Autogenerate a caption File" feature.


I've set the video language to English

I've selected "Autogenerate a caption file".

Then, the process appears to the video gives me the "Show Transcript" option and says " Audio transcripts aren't quite ready yet. Check back soon.".

However, when I come back, there is no transcript and the "Show Transcript" option is no longer present.


Has anyone seen this?  How do I fix this? 

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Hi @Greg Davidson,

I have seen this a couple of times before.

A few workarounds,

1.) If the video is uploaded already, tick the autogenerate a caption but turn of people and then save the video. Come back and then turn on people again and save again. This has forced it to go through.

2.) Remove the video and re-upload with autogenerate a caption on and with the existing settings/permissions as is.

Let me know how it goes. In terms of the generation of the captions it can take a while. Whilst the official documentation states that automatic captions generally take 1-2x the video's duration to finish processing (i.e. expect to wait roughly 2 hours for a 1 hour video) I have seen it take longer than this.

Best, Chris
I just had exactly the same experience. Apparently the issue has not been given much attention since you reported it. Did you have any luck with the method Christoper described below?

If you find this happening again, please put in a support ticket and make sure to include the session ID from ? > About Microsoft Stream so we could try and figure out what the issue is and fix it.

same problem still occurring 

I had the same issue as Greg and tried Christopher's workarounds with no luck. The videos still show: "Audio transcripts aren't quite ready yet. Check back soon." 


Does anyone have any methods that resolve this? 

@Greg Davidson Having the same issue with a number of longer videos ranging from 1.5-3 hours in length. Some of them generate the captions automatically some not. There doesn't appear to be any pattern (e.g. length, upload order etc).


Have tried unsuccessfully to use the above workarounds. Still not working.

@Marc Mroz 


We just experience the inability to have the autogenerating captions not appearing.  The closed captions appear during the video, but we are unable to make any corrections to the narration.  This is a real immediate concern.  Where do I submit a work order, I would gladly do so and reference this session.

Thank you,


I am having the same problem but don't see any solutions here. Can someone advise?


I was able to download the transcript. I clicked update video details. Under the options, I went to Captions and to the right I clicked download file. I then uploaded the saved download file and unchecked the autogenerated caption box. The captions were there before I cropped the video. The transcript did match the cropped video changes. 


My question is the amount of time, not how to get the transcript.  If you find a solution to get the transcript sooner, as we often see the message "it is taking longer than usual to...."   Thanks


@CaraMc1972 I left out that part unintentionally. I was able to download the captions even though it said "it's taking longer than usual to process". The full caption was there in the download so when I uploaded it the message went away and I had captions.

@McFarlat405  Hi Mark., can you please be a little more detailed on the steps that needs to be followed. I am really sorry but I am a new user and there might be a learning curve for me.




@abhishekkumar2234 Thank you @McFarlat405, your method worked for me! 

Problem: On my video, the auto-generated closed captions were showing up, but the transcript area said "The transcript is taking longer than expected." 

Solution: Under the video, I clicked on the three dot menu and selected "update video details." I looked for "captions" and downloaded the captions file, which had been auto-created. Then I unchecked the "autogenerate captions" box and clicked "upload a caption file." I uploaded the same file I had just downloaded, and then the transcript appeared.