Problem Saving Video in Stream

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I am helping another person in my district migrate her Office Mixes to Stream and then edit Permissions. The mixes migrated fine, but when she tries to remove the Permission "Allow everyone in your company to view the video", she gets an error message. It says, "Metadata save failed. The application id for the video does not match the one in the token."


How do we fix this?

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@Mindy Ramon - Can you work with your O365 Admin to open up a support ticket on this issue? It sounds like something deeper is going on with your specific tenant for the migrated Office Mixes.


This issue isn't happening with other videos directly uploaded to Stream right?

@Mindy Ramon - I just checked with some of our engineers. It sounds like the issue you are encountering is only related to Office Mix migration and is we are still in the process of identifying how we can fix the issue.


So no need to open the support ticket we are already aware and trying find a fix for it.


Sorry for our bugs!