Private group needs to share final product with another private group

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I have a private group (group C) producing choreography creating many interim videos. The final video needs to be shared with another private group (Group A) for approval. Do I need to download from C and upload to A or is there a way to make it show in both C and A by changing a setting. I've tried several with no joy.

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Currently you cannot assign permission to the channels or other groups outside of actually adding them to your entire group. So your best bet might be to setup a new channel inside stream and setup permission on the videos.
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Are your groups A and C O365 Groups/Stream groups?


If they are, and you have contributor rights on both A and C then you should be able to just go to the permissions for the video and add Group A as viewers.


If you don't have contributor rights on Group A, who needs to approve, you can set the permissions so Group A can see it, but you can't make it show up in their group in Stream (because you don't have contributor rights on Group A). 

Edit video > Permissions > In the Shared with drop down switch it to "People" > Look up Group A. 


What this will do is grant permission to Group A, but it won't show up in their group pages in Stream since you don't have access to contribute to their group. Thus if you send anyone in Group A a link to the video they'll be able to see it.

Oh derp, My mind was not woke up yet and was thinking as group channels as a whole. Guess just editing each video in that group is an option too!

Yeah, the permission model of Stream is different than SharePoint or O365 Video.


Video is the source of truth and references groups it's a part of. So you can have one video be in many groups, permissions to individual users or AD security groups. 


Groups hold membership and channels inside a group are just organization, they don't have any permissions on their own. You first permission it to a group, then you can add it to a channel within that group (if you have contribution rights on the group).



Thanks for the quick reply.


These are O365 groups (created in Stream so are both) and I created them so am the owner.


Following your instructions I added group A to permissions in a video in a group C channel. The checkoff box for 'owner' appears next to the group A as a choice, but the 'display' checkoff does not. I cannot see the video in the A group ("not much to see here") even if I check off 'owner' in the permissions. Does that require a logout/login?