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Please, what's the pricing of the stream portal? and is there any limiation of a big organization and huge data?
also Can we get the source code and make some customization through UI and adding a new features? from where can i get the source code?

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Please see the previous thread on pricing questions here


We are currently in Preview and are available for free with limitations on the quota available in each account. We will be providing more details on pricing as we get closer to production. 


To your question on source code - the answer is no. Stream is a SaaS service like PowerBI, and Microsoft Flow.  Source code for the SaaS service will not be made available.  However, our front end is a web site built entirely on top of Azure Media Services PaaS, using the same encoders and REST APIs available to all PaaS customers.  You are able to use our exsisting Azure Media Services platform to build your own custom solutions if that is your desire. 

In the future we will also be providing a REST API to access and manage the content in your Stream account.  
If you have any other feature suggestions or ideas, please add them to the Ideas section of the community site. 

Thanks for testing out Stream! We really appreciate your feedback and interest. 

Update on this older migrated thread. The new quotas and limitations for paid and trial plans are here in the help articles: