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Hi all, does anyone experience the following: when sharing a MS stream video in Yammer we see that while using the Yammer web application A thumbnail of the linked Stream video is shown in the post you create. However if we look at the same post in the mobile Yammer app the thumbnail isn’t shown. A placeholder image in the primary MS Stream color & logo is displayed. Does anyone know why this happens and can it be solved in such a way the video thumbnail is also shown in the post on the Yammer mobile app?
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I posted this over on the Microsoft Yammer group and they are aware of the issue.



Part of the challenge is the way our link preview service works. Stream (and SharePoint) require authentication to get to the content in order to be able to provide a preview. We're working on fixing this (for Stream and SharePoint). No timeframe on this yet, though.


Thanks Scott! Sorry firmly late response! I had some login issues... :-). I will definitely read your post on this!