Prevent Download like in O365 Video?

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I am currently using O365 Video to house our corporate videos.  The channels in O365 have an explicit permission to limit the download link to just owners.  This is perfect for sharing videos with the whole company while also preventing them from downloading them and conversely sharing the videos elsewhere.  I don't see similar functionality in Stream though and as I understand these services are merging.  Is there a way to stop users from downloading videos they can view in Stream?  And if not, will this be available once the merge between O365 and Stream is complete?

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As far as I know, have no fear. Nobody except the owner to the file can download it from Stream. We want to enable our users to download certain videos, but we can't.


Please correct me if I am wrong cause we really like to ENABLE download ;)

how do we restrict this to be only with the owner?
How do we restrict the video to be downloaded only by owner.