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It would be super handy to be able to embed videos from MS Stream directly into Powerpoint.

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We've had some initial discussions with the powerpoint team but I agree it would be super handy.


Can you add your idea to the Stream Idea board so others can vote on it as well: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/idb-p/StreamIdeas

"...Hooray!!!! We can, at long last, use O365 for embedding videos into PowerPoint without having to put our IP onto YouTube - Oh happy, happy days, this is a truly momentus, very well done Microsoft this is absolutely awesome!!!!!......wait a minute...noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


wtf!!!! Microsoft Powerpoint cannot use the embed code generated by Microsoft Stream??????????????????????????????????????????????? Please someone tell me that this is just a temporary wrinkle that will disappear very, very soon? Am I expecting too much for Microsoft embed code to work with Microsoft Office?

You aren't expecting too much, but you are right embed from Stream doesn't work in PowerPoint. Sorry. We've had some discussions with the PowerPoint team on this but at this time I can't give you a timeline for when this would be available. 


Thanks for adding PowerPoint embed support to our ideas forum. If others would like to comment and upvote here is the entry: https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/Microsoft-Stream-Ideas/Please-can-MS-Stream-Embed-code-work-w...


If you'd also like to add this to the PowerPoint team's uservoice you could do that here as well: https://powerpoint.uservoice.com/

Exactly this. But then MS haven't had the sense to even do that for the O365 Video service either and that's a lot older.
Neither the Video or Stream embed html codes are supported.

Isn't it wonderful when MS doesn't even support its own products... *sigh*.

The point is here Marc that we shouldn't have to suggest these ideas! We expect, unfortunately wrongly in many many instances, that MS is on the ball and has already thought of these things during product development. Instead we get half-finished products, limited integration and a LOT of frustration.
In my role as a consultant it's a constant embarassment to have to explain to customers that a totally obvious feature doesn't exist and that MS may or may not be "Releasing it soon TM".

I understand that MS allows access to incomplete products, but it would seem to me that integration with other MS products would be on the base level of functionality required before being released for usage

It's been a year and a half since this post.  Any updates?

I was able to embed a shared link to an MS Stream video from the Online version of PowerPoint.  It will play from an online presentation, but did not from PowerPoint 2016 on my laptop.