Permission explanation for video owner in case of group or person

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we have tested various permission in Stream and come across some confusing facts.


We have a Stream group named XY where my colleague is a member of the group. When uploading a video and setting permissions for the video we tested three scenarios:

A) There were no owner of the video, the XY group was granted only Display permission
B) The ownership of the video was granted to the XY group (where my colleague is a member)

C) The ownership of the video was granted directly to my colleague as a person


The results of the scenarios were as follows:
A) My colleague was able to share and view video only (no possibility to delete or edit the video).

B) The same results as A).

C) My colleague was able to not only share and view video but edit and delete as well


So, when permissions of the video were set for a group (XY) at the level of owner and display, it permission for the user (member of XY group) was identical - she was not able to edit or delete the video. We would expect that ownership of the video would grant higher permission than only display level.  Moreover, we would expect that the B) and C) should have the same results when the person is owner of the video set either via group ownership or ownership related to specific person.


B) and C) have the same expected results only if my colleague is owner of the group (not a member).


Could you please explain why is it this way?


Many thanks in advance!



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I think you have the right expectations and understanding of how the permissions work.


The only reason that your test cases B) and C) wouldn't result in the same outcome, is if the XY group has the stream setting toggled so that members are NOT contributors. If the members aren't contributors on the group, then even though the group has owner rights on the video, only the owners of the group will be able to edit it. Members in that case are just treated as viewers of the group.


Can you see what the setting is on your XY group?

As the owner of the group > Go to the group in Stream  > ...  in the top carousel> Edit

My guess is that "Allow members to contribute" is "OFF". Which means their viewers only. If you toggle that to "ON" then when you make a group the owner of a video ALL owners / members of the group will have edit access.


You are right. The contribution possibility was turned off for the group.


Thank you for the explanation!