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I wanted to know if there is a possibility to get on every caption in the transcript who said it

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@Yinon_Bloch thanks for the question.  Currently Stream doesn't support the ability to tie audio to specific people.  There is a feature of face detection just to help know who said what in various parts of a video, however Stream doesn't know who that person is.  It only goes by the video of a meeting and a human face, not who that person is or tied to the audio track.


This is a neat suggestion and something we have heard from other people.  May I ask more what you are interested in doing this with the transcript? To make the video more accessible?  For an archived transcript or something else?  Thanks!

Our company has developed a compliance recording solution based on MS Stream

The solution has the ability to perform eDiscovery searches on all company videos metadata including transcripts as well as DLP inspection. For compliance needs it is important to know who said what in the meeting.