Opening a stream video in full screen mode

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Does anyone know of a way to get a stream video to launch in full screen mode from a link. I need to run a video as part of a presentation and really don't want to take the audience to the stream interface.

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Pretty sure there is embed snippet you can use in stream. Not at a computer but I’ll check if you don’t find it soon as I get to one :p

spent ages on google trying to find an answer to this - there is very little information about Stream - it's all about youtube and office 365 video. however eventually i came across this provided by a supplier - which opens it in the browser full screen  but would be immensely useful if there was an option actually in Stream to produce this as a link.


This works perfectly - Just remember to change the text "video-link" in the URL to the video ID that you will see as part of your video URL, for example:

Again, thanks! :)

@Sita_ICGAM Thanks for sharing. This trick works well :) .



Unfortunately, that seems to be a dead link. (Unless it's my GCC tenant.)

Another dead link!

Hey @Sita_ICGAM,


I did that and it worked.

Go to Stream and click on the Share Button. Select the Embed option.

Activate the Autoplay and the Responsive and turn off Show Info.


Select the full link in the code located between "" right after SRC.  The final part of the link will look like: max-width: 100%;  


Copy the link and test it in your browser.


I hope it helped.


Great instructions. Thanks! :)