Onenote oddity


I’ve encountered a problem using Onenote via the OCA administered Office365 suite. It’s a strange one and I wonder if anyone else has experienced it?


If I use the online Onenote, any notebook I create cannot be opened on my desktop app.

In detail, I make a new notebook online at and the notebook behaves perfectly normally. The sync ‘wheel’ rotates whenever a change is made.


Then I go to the desktop app (Onenote, in the Office365 suite) and look at File>open>recent and sure enough the notebook I just created online appears there in the recent notebook list along with the time (correct) I created it.


The problem is that if I try to open that notebook in the desktop app I get an error message:
"We couldn’t find a notebook at [then follows notebook location]

Obviously I am signed in correctly at both locations. The online app is talking to my desktop app because the newly created notebook appears there as a ‘recent’.


Why does this happen?



I also tried the option to open the file on the desktop using the button on the online ribbon:



Clicking that gets me to this:



And saying “Yes” to that dialog box gets this:


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