One Stream Video not playing after its first play

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I have uploaded a video to my Stream Channel. It plays fine in Windows Media Player and when I first upload. But after that I am getting an Error code 0x2020019f. It is just on this video and none of my older videos. I have done nothing different with the video than I normally do. Tried rebooting the system and also tried replacing the video again and that hasn't worked.


Tried using Chrome and Edge but this hasn't made any difference.

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We have tried deleting the original video and reuploading the video again and it has worked this time, so far. The only thing I have changed is the filename of the thumbnail, as the original had ( ) in it. Could this have caused the problem?

@jonathan_lhp - I just talked with one of our playback owners and she said it looks like that error code was some sort of transient issue on the backend server of Stream. It likely wasn't anything to do with your file or naming at all, but some issue that got automatically corrected on backend of Stream.


Sorry you ran into problems.