Not just mobile - Stream APP on Windows 10 (UWP?)

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I the next to be released app on iOS and Android the offline download functionality has been finally developed.


How do you plan to introduce this functionality on Win 10, for example laptops and tablets with Win10?

I understood there's no planning to develop a Win10 UWP app.


Therefore, while it would be possibile for a mobile user to download a watch a video offline, it would be impossible to do it for a laptop user (as there would be no video interface).




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Correct. At this point in time we are working on an iOS and Android mobile app that will allow offline playback. However this does not address PC user who want to have offline playback and aren't the owners of the video.


We have heard this request from others so we know at some point we will need to address it. I renamed this idea to better reflect the request. Please add your votes and comments here: