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Hello, I am in the process of uploading a training course on Microsoft Stream as the vendor I am working with requires "embed links." Can someone walk me through how I get the link? Also, in terms of privacy, can I restrict it so that I only have access to the link/video? Furthermore, can the close captioning be edited to take out any extraneous words such as "um" or "ok"? Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I understand that you still haven't opted in for the new storage location for Teams meeting recordings (OneDrive/SharePoint). There are actually several articles on the docs/support pages for guidance using both Stream (the classic way) and the latter (the new approach).

Try this site to begin with

If you miss something just do a search "upload recording to Stream" and you'll get several hits.

@ChristianJBergstrom Thank you! I will go through the links you provided.