Need Help !: How to hide video play icon from stream video


Hi, We are developing a content management system for Microsoft CDS account and for that business gives a specific requirement like need to hide Stream video play icon image. We want to make it consistent behavior need to hide the icon from all video tags. Currently, we are facing issue only for Microsoft stream videos. Kindly let us know how we can resolve this issue. Please find attached screenshot which will give you more details or you can check below link where stream video showing icon. We want to remove icon which is in the yellow marked area in the Capture.PNGattached file. Please let me know if you need more details.

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@Abhishek_Naniwadekar There isn't any feature inside stream to disable the play button for embedded videos. Is there a reason you're trying to hide the play button when embedded. It's kind of a standard feature of embedded video (e.g. Youtube).

@Kevin Crossman 


We are trying to do the same. We would like to hide the on-demand video buttons in the embedded player. 


Is there a way to do this?

@Shannon2370 Per above, the answer is no.


Is there a reason you're trying to hide it? A play button is very standard for similar embedded video platforms (e.g. YouTube).


With the announced transition for Stream, you might consider looking into videos being stored in SharePoint rather than Stream.

@Kevin Crossman 


Our design team would like a full bleed video where the buttons are hidden.

We were able to do this with YouTube but we are exploring switching to Microsoft's version.

Its a short video that will be on the homepage as a promotion.