Multiple simultaneous presenters?

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Greetings fellow Streamers,


We have only this week started looking into Microsoft Streams as a platform for livestreaming educational content.


I might be missing something obvious, or perhaps my seach inquiries are failing me, but is it possible, when using Microsoft Teams as the Live Streaming platforms to present more than two simultaneous "Windows"? what we have been figured out is the pretty basic spilt from the standard menu, where we have one PowerPoint window and one for our interpreter, but Ideally we'd have one stream where one part of the stream showed the PowerPoint or other window, one for the presenter, and one for the interpreter. Can this be done from Teams, or do we need some other piece of software (and if so, any recommendations?) I know we could use a Teams meeting, but that would require inviting everyone who were watching live, and having to deal with the watchers audio/video input as well when/if they were to forget turning them off.


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Hi @Andreas1001 with a Teams live event it's not possible to include content plus two separate video feeds (one for presenter, and one for the interpreter).  I believe you'll need to set up the live event as described here with an encoder.  An encoder is something that is commonly used to splice together various inputs (mics, cameras, etc) into one feed for the livestream. 


You can set this type of event up either in Stream or in Teams by choosing the second live event option (to use an encoder).  

Thank you for your swift and clear response :)