Multiple ideas forums confuses me

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Can someone please clarify the difference between Stream Ideas, Stream Uservoice, and the general Office 365 Uservoice? I'm somewhat confused where to put my ideas, currently there are Stream topics in all three.

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Hi @Sailgeek

- Stream Ideas within Tech Community is considered the official one by the Stream product team and is the one they use
- Stream uservoice is unofficial and Microsoft does not manage it. I asked this question when I was first in TC and this was confirmed by a PM
- Office 365 is an all up uservoice for Office 365 and will contain uservoices on all apps and features. It isn’t considered the authoritative uservoice by product teams for specific apps. For example, Teams considers Teams Uservoice as authoritative whereas Stream considers Stream ideas as authoritative

I know it’s confusing but you do get used to it the more you use it. Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Great, thanks @Christopher Hoard for your prompt response. This was very clarifying, I'll repost the ideas I have added in Uservoice to the Stream ideas forum.




Christopher is right our official ideas forum is the Tech Community one:


We've tried to contact UserVoice about that rogue one where people are accidentally posting but they weren't able to get a hold of the owner, and they weren't willing to take it down. 


Maybe you all can help others avoid the rouge UserVoice one? I just made this entry in the forum, if you all add your votes to it, we might be able to raise it to the top of the list so others know it's not the right place. :)