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Hello everyone, I want to ask something ..


A month ago, I was able to prepare a live event with a duration of 8 hours or more, but today I can not. Because teams give a pop-up message; "You can prepare a live event for a maximum of 4 hours" but I was able to do this a month ago.


Can you help me with this problem?


Thank you,

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@BarkinCI have it in Teams too. The announcement was increased to 16 hours till October 1st. Report a bug! I will too.

@BarkinC  When I start a live event the correct value of 16 hours is shown a Dialog. I think it is only a bug in the Teams client at the point generating the event.

 Mr. @Tomislav Karafilov thanks for your interest! I tried a 16-hour interval and it was adjusted. But when I choose 4.5 to 5 and more it still gives error. There are some errors with Teams..