MS Stream vs. S4B broadcasting

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What is the relationship of Microsoft Stream to Skype for Business Broadcasting?


Will Stream provide a company internal live streaming service similar as S4B Broadcasting does it for external events?


Could Stream be a solution for our bandwidth challenges with S4B broadcasting if you want to do a broadcasting with many internal let's say 10k users in one live stream?

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@ManfredKoch_RBI At preview, Microsoft Stream does not have Live Streaming capabilities. In future, we know we need to build those and we are currently working with Skype Meeting Broadcast team to create a seamless offering that compliments and integrates Skype Meeting Broadcast.


We will be sharing more details in future around that.

Any news about this?


The embed sway + broadcast would be a major combo.

Yes please! Live-streaming capabilities will be absolute fantastic.

That would be the cherry on the top for a corporate video platform based on Stream

In the Employee Engagement Summit, they said that they were using Stream for the streaming of the summit.