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I have created a group, but did not have an avatar to hand when doing so. Now I am trying to go back in hindsight to edit my avatar, but I see no option to allow me to do so. 


Am I missing something, or is MS Stream missing some functionality? 

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Yes you are correct. Unfortunately we don't have a way in Stream to add (or edit) the Group's picture / avatar. If you change it in some other O365 App (Teams, SharePoint, Outlook, Planner, etc) then after it syncs we'll pick that up in Stream.


It's on our list to add uploading of the image in Stream, but right now it's not very high on the list over some of the other work we are committed to (O365 Video to Stream transition, Live, APIs).

Marc, thanks for your quick reply. The thing is, I'm pretty certain when I set up the group is would allow me to upload an avatar at that point. I just can't subsequently go back to change it. So it seemed like the functionality was there. 


Also, when I create a group in Stream is this creating an O365 Group in the background? i.e. would it create a group that appears across the rest of the MS O365 suite of tools? 

@David Moore - We do allow you to upload an image when you create / edit a channel, but we've never had the capability to add (or edit) an image for a group. Maybe you were thinking of making a channel.


Yes, when you create a group in Stream it is creating an O365 Group in the background that can be used across O365. It will show up automatically in the other O365 apps that use groups.

@Marc Mroz Will it be a way to change the avatar after migration from O365 Video as it won't be an O365 group but a Stream group ? 

@Marc Mroz 

Unfortunately, the group does not show up in teams!