MS Stream and eDiscovery

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Lots of questions on the forum regarding MS Streams and eDiscovery and Data Retention Policies but they all date from 2018.  Any news on this?  I watched with interest the 2019 Ignite sessions 'Microsoft Stream under the hood: Architecture, administration and compliance' and there were screenshots of it, but its not on the roadmap currently.




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We also have this question within my organization. I'll comment to see if others have any insight.

Can not see it on the roadmap too. The next feature on the roadmap would be "Enhanced analytics for videos". The tasks you describe are currently manual tasks. But you have the possibility to monitor the audit log and generate some own methods. Monitoring could be done manually or via PowerShell or by audit log API. It would be easier with a Stream API, on the roadmap für Q2/2020. Let's see and hope something would come. Saw the Ignite video too mentioning retention. See the Video here from from minute 21 under the caption "Microsoft Stream under the hood: Architecture, administration, and compliance". 2020-06-19 15_42_18-Window.png