Migration Tool - Scan Error

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I have completed a scan for all M365Group containers. There are 8 containers that has the scan result "Error". Despite repeated attempts at scanning the result is still the same.


The errors are

  • Could not get Stream container details. Channel: <...> combination is invalid.
  • Could not get Stream container details. response is null

How to go about fixing the underlying issues so that the containers can have "Completed" status for Scan?

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Let me raise a case and include all the logs for the containers in Status :: Error

Any update on this?  @unodei I am seeing this same error on a few of our scans.

@sbammer - Please open a support case so that our on call migration team can investigate your specific issue. 

the latest update on my case is that the fix to the affected containers are completed, and the relevant team is planning the fix to the Production environment, with the ETA sometime in Feb 2023. I believe the fix is to be applied to each individual container hence a case to Microsoft is the best next step.