Migration Tool is not showing all videos from Stream Classic

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We are in the process of migrating all videos from Stream Classic to Stream on SharePoint, but the Migration Tool is not working as expected.


The problem is related to M365 groups. We have a lot of M365 groups with classic stream videos. Just two of the groups is visible in the Migration Tool, and when we try to add a M365 group manually it gives us "No access to Stream" error. In the two M365 groups that we can see in the Migration Tool, not all videos from Classic Stream is found by the scan so we are not able to migrate all videos.


Our Tenant is Norwegian, is there anyone else with non-english tenants ,that has successfully migrated their Classic Stream videos?

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@Elin Kolloen We are having a similar issue. We are in the US. When we run the migration tool, not all of our M365 groups or channels are found. Nothing consistent. Some are found, some are not. Very frustrating. We tried manually adding the containers by using the long string and container type, as if it were a line in a CSV. We get an access error. We haven't been able to find any information on these issues. We will be opening a case with MS. I can't migrate if I don't have 100% confidence that the tool is finding everything. Clearly it is not.

@wbesack : Thanks for your reply to confirm that this is not a language/region specific issue. We will open a ticket with Microsoft.

Are you saying that the M365 groups have access to the videos or that they OWN the videos. Only videos that the M365 group OWNS will appear in the tool as a container. Having access to the video by a group doesn't add them. It is all based on the OWNER of the video. You may have to check this and change that M365 group to be an owner to get it to appear where you want it to and to have it migrate as part of the container.

@karen_dredske The videos missing from the Migration Tool is in M365 Groups in Stream Classic. I'm not sure what that means relating to the "group owning the videos", the videos are in the group. I can see the groups in Stream Classic under "Groups", and I can see that the groups are of type M365 and have videos in them, but I cannot add the groups as containers to the Migration Tool. 

We are having the same issue. I had scanned and my videos were there then I went back in to do a test migration and now only half show up. I have opened a case with Microsoft and its been 2 weeks and they can't find a fix yet. I will update you if I find out anything.