Migrating Videos from SharePoint Server 2016 to Stream 365

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currently working on migrating from from SharePoint 2016 to 365. With SharePoint 2016 videos are stored on the server, my struggle is trying to understand how to migrate videos from the server into stream. I have tried testing with one video that is an mp4 and is not a large file, but it keeps saying that its failing to upload. I'm not sure what the problem is. Please help! Thank you

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@SammybeeHave you verified, that the video is a supported format: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/stream/input-audio-video-formats-codecs ?


When does the upload error come? Directly at the beginning or after some time? Is there more error text available? Can you see the failed video under "My Content/Video"? Can you upload a screen recording done with the new Stream recording feature? I try to figure out if it is a problem of the video or of your network or of the platform Stream.

@Tomislav Karafilov 

Thanks so much for getting back to me.

I've attached some images below and will refer to them.


I get the message 'please dlete and try again later' anytime I try to upload. (Please see img1).


I then checked to make sure that I was an admin and was, but it still didn't work for me even when I cleared the cache and tried re-uploading. (Please see img2 attached)


I’ve created a channel and tried to upload there  but I still got that video failed to upload message. Would it be because it says I don’t have windows and audio included in the license?

(See img3 and img4)


I checked myself as a global admin and this still made no difference. (See img5 attached)


Thanks again for your help.


@Sammybee  Thank you for the answers!


You can access Stream and create groups. No Windows and Audio should not be a problem for Stream. Where you upload, from start page or inside a channel, just sets permissions and has no effect for the video upload. The video is always uploaded to Stream and then wired to channels or groups. Channels and groups are not like directories.


Did you get uploaded one video to Stream? Or is it a new tenant? Please try a short video, 10 seconds and just some MBs, to see if you have network problems. If this also does not work, contact Microsoft support!

You're welcome and thanks again@Tomislav Karafilov 

I tried what you advised but unfortunatey it's still the same.

It's definately not an issue with my network, so I think I'll take this one up with Microsoft.


Thanks again for your help and quick response! :)


Can I just ask what would you advise on the best way to migrate many videos from sharepoint 2016 that's on a server to sharepoint 365 in stream.

The reserach I've done so far mentions that Powershell cannot be used as of yet there are no APIs.


I'm wondering if power automate would be best, as it might help organising into different channels for different groups also?


Thanks again

@SammybeeCurrently no API and no Power Automate Connector :sad:. It is a manual task.

@Tomislav Karafilov Aww that's a shame, hoepefully we will get something in future.


Thanks again :)